My Bookmark Menu Is A Joke

Time to do something about it. But what?

Mark Starlin
2 min readAug 10, 2020


Screencapture by Mark Starlin.

My Medium bookmark menu has 1386 stories in it. That is ridiculous. If each story averages four minutes, that is 5568 minutes or 92.8 hours of reading required to clear that menu.


That’s not going to happen. Especially if I keep adding to the list.

So I have decided to quit adding any new stories to the menu until I get through the ones I have already bookmarked.

I could go through the menu and delete most of the old ones, but the amount of scrolling and selecting “remove” required would probably take as long as reading them all.

I imagine some stories are so old, they may not even be on Medium anymore. And I am probably no longer interested in some of them, or they are outdated.

Last night, I read five stories from the list. At that pace, it will take 278 days to get through them all. I better up my game.

I can only blame myself. I do these things all the time.

My family bought me a Playstation 4 for Christmas — five years after it was released. I am not complaining. I was still rocking the Playstation 3. The problem is, when you buy a console after it has been out for five years, there are constant game sales. The games are so cheap, I ended up buying more games then I can play before the Playstation 5 comes out and becomes five years old.

So I may have to use a read five, delete five strategy to get through the list before Medium turns into Medium 2.0.

I am open to suggestions.