My Favorite Stories of 2020

The ones I wrote that I liked best

I thought about doing one of those humble brags about my Top Five Stories of 2020. But that would be like Antarctica bragging about its beautiful lawns. Ridiculous.

Instead, I am going to share some stories I wrote in 2020 that I am quite fond of. The picks have nothing to do with stats — just my own personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

There is nothing to learn here. And no earnings worth envying. In fact, I didn’t include any of my five top read stories.

But, if for some reason you want to know what my personal favorites were, here you go.


I Can’t Hear You is a love story. I never pictured myself writing romance stories, but I have written several over the past three years. This one seemed to touch people’s hearts, so that made it a favorite for me.

Pierre Finds Fame is period peice about a man who receives incredible, life-changing talent. But only for a day.

I enjoy writing absurdity mixed with humor. The Baseball Player Who Punched Everyone is one of those stories.

Max Headline is one of my favorite characters to write. Max Goes To Hollywood was my only Max story in 2020. It features Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

My Grandfather Was A Famous Novelist is a little fantasy tale for all fiction writers.


Family Traits is one of my Stock Photo Stories. Which are stories written about a specific photo. As soon as I saw this photo I knew what the story would be.

Not So Helpful Advice From Google is silliness with a ring of truth to it.

Sometimes I come up with an absurd idea and just let the story write itself. Such was the case with What Happens When You Want A Pillow Too Intensely. I simply went along for the ride.

Spaghetti Preparation is a nugget of humor that popped into my head and made me laugh. Incredibly it got curated, earning close to a dollar.

I started writing microfiction in 2020. It has been a fun challenge creating a story in only 50 words. Sir John Elwill, 1st Baronet is one of my favorites.

I started a series of humor stories called Three Line Conversations back in April. I have enjoyed them all, but That’s How You Solve A Problem Like Maria is one that amused me greatly for some odd reason.

Moments Before The Heist is another Three Line Conversation that I thought was amusing.

Deep In Thought is one of my favorite One Minute Wit stories.


The Last Train Out is part poetry, part fiction, part stock photo story. Probably why I like it so much.

It’s Not Unusual is a poem based on Tom Jones song title. It is a bit unusual.

I Once Gave My Life To Baseball is silly poem in which I rhymed a single word throughout. And it tells a story.

I don’t write serious poetry often. I Went Back Home was one of those poems.

Nice Evening is a love poem based on a song I wrote and recorded. So it is special to me for that reason.

Song Parody

I enjoy writing song parodies. Car’s Flooded is one that amused me and embraced the bravado of this Foreigner song.

Ready For Lunch is my take on buffet eating told through the music of Bad Company.

A Day In The Life (Of A Dog)is my attempt to tackle a classic from The Beatles.

Cupcake is one man railing against the diet! With Thin Lizzy music. Fun to write. And probably relatable by many.

Stock Photo Stories

Writing a story based on a photograph is challenging. So I enjoy it when I come up with a clever idea to fit a photo I really like. Inventing A New Sport Is Never Easy is one that required a lot of thought before an idea hit me. Then it was easy to write the story.

A Stroke Of Pure Genius made me smile when I wrote it. That is usually a good sign.

Of course, I could go on and on. I rarely publish a story I don’t like. [LOL!] And when I do, I usually delete it. But I will leave it there.

Happy, Hopeful, New Year!

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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