My own experience is different. But my writing is all over the place. Short, occasionally long, humor, fiction, poetry, essays, song parodies, microfiction, stuff that can’t be categorized, stuff that makes no sense at all. 🧐

I am earning roughly the same as before. My earning have always varied within a $100 range. And if my average daily income continues the rest of the month, I will be in the same range as usual. The not getting rich or even contemplating retirement (maybe a stawberry shake) range.

Now, I understand that someone who only writes Haikus is going to take a big hit. I have no easy answers for them.

I have never thought of Medium or writing as a career, so the money I make here is “bonus money” in my mind. If it is less, I will continue to write here anyway. I get too much enjoyment out of it to quit over a few dollars.

Write on.

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