Of course, this is speculation, but I think the last Partner Program change was not only designed to get rid of “clapping clubs” but also to pay everyone less. I certainly haven’t read a story about someone earning more now. Of course, they may be keeping quiet about since so many have had their earning slashed.

Anyway, I recently had a story curated in Music which was posted in a small indie publication called Bonnie’s Mixed Tape, which has 188 follower. In December I had stories curated in Humor in One Minute Wit and No Crime in Rymin’ and Mark Starlin Writes! All small indie publications.

So it still happens, it’s just rarer now. But curation has never really paid off finacially for me. I get a small boost in views but not much more money. It is certainly no golden goose (at least for me.)

In the two years I have been here, constant change has been the norm. But that’s the nature of the internet (and life.)

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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