Organizing is key for me also. I use a note app (Bear) on my phone to capture ideas. Using a phone note app is great because I almost always have my phone with me and I can just talk the idea into the app. Which is way faster than typing on a phone (for me.)

The Bear phone app auto-syncs with the Bear Mac app, so later I copy ideas out of Bear into a Scrivener file called Medium on my Mac. I organize the Medium file using “documents” in the Scrivener file. One for “In progress” and one for “Ready To Post.” I also have a document for keeping track of what is scheduled. I use Medium’s scheduling function to schedule stories three or four consecutive days in advance.

Then once stories are posted on Medium I move them out of “Ready To Post” into a folder organized by category documents: Fiction, humor, nonfiction, etc.

I do all of my Medium writing in Scrivener. It keeps everything in one file for easy access. It is great for organizing geeks like me.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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