Planting The Flag

On a new planet

Mark Starlin


They had crossed several galaxies searching for a new home when the small planet appeared on the monitor. It seemed like a good candidate. The ship dropped into orbit and prepared to land.

As it burned through the atmosphere, the ship’s braking system malfunctioned, and they crashed hard on the ground ripping the ship apart. Will was thrown from the ship and knocked unconscious.

When he awoke, Will looked at the ship’s wreckage and realized he was the only survivor, all alone and stuck on an alien planet. Will tried to stand up, but his leg was broken. He saw their flag lying on the ground and crawled toward it.

Will somehow managed to sit up despite the pain in his leg. He grabbed the flag and jammed it into the ground. Then he took off his helmet and laid on his back.

Just before he passed out again, Will looked up at the sky. A man wearing a feather headdress looked down at him.