Reads and Fans are the only stats that matter much. Reads means someone read your story all the way through. Which is what any writer should desire. And Fans mean they clapped for it. Which should mean they liked it or at least thought the writing was good. Or they are a friend (another good thing.)

Top Writer is a participation medal for writing consistently using the same tag.

Only about 15% of your followers are actual readers (in my experience.) The rest were probably trying that stupid “follow everyone and some will follow you back” hack which only leads to having a lot of followers who don’t read your stories. And filling your feed with stuff you don’t want to read.

There is no consistency in clapping so I consider any number of claps good.

I think it’s best not to obsess on stats. Comments are the real prize for me. If someone liked my story enough to comment, I consider that better than 50 claps. And I enjoy the interaction far more than numbers.

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