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I recently collected ten of my The Many Mysteries On The Island Of Phiddle stories into a book called The Trouble With Phiddleberries. I used the pen name Phineas Phiddlephaddle because “Phineas” wrote the stories about his former island home.

Some previous readers of the stories (on Medium) mentioned that they would make a good children’s book. Although I think they are suitable for the young at heart of any age.

Anyway, I self-published the book on Amazon. I also scheduled a free promotion day so I could download a free copy of the Kindle version for myself. I didn’t announce the free promotion to anyone. Or even that the book had been published.

Promotion day came, and I downloaded the book. I also checked my statistics on Amazon, and surprisingly, the book had been downloaded 14 times. I was surprised.

Later I went on Twitter and learned that many writers do free book promotions on Black Friday. That’s when I realized that I had scheduled my free promotion for Black Friday without realizing it.

Apparently, my book got grabbed a few times in the frenzy.

It was a happy accident. I just hope some of those free copies get read. A review or two would be lovely also.

So I suppose I should make a formal announcement that The Problem With Phiddleberries by my good friend Phineas Phiddlephaddle is available on Amazon. Here is a link:

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