Sometimes Things Work Too Well

Jimmy wasn’t like the other kids. He loved science. Specifically chemistry. While the rest of the neighborhood kids were out playing basketball or skateboarding, he was at home working on a compound that would bounce with increasing velocity.

His plan was to create a way to launch things into orbit inexpensively by bouncing them. After months of experimentation, he had created the substance he was searching for. He called it Launcher.

Jimmy figured the next step was to test it. He pulled the old pogo stick out of the garage and applied the Launcher to the bottom of the stick. Then he went to the park to try it out.

Jimmy hopped on the pogo stick. Things went great at first. With each bounce, the pogo stick rose a little bit higher.

By the time he got 100 feet in the air, Jimmy realized he probably should have done unmanned tests first.

Stock Photo Stories give you the real stories behind the photos.*

[*That I might have made up.]

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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