Stephen, of course, I agree. Medium hasn’t supported or encourage creative writing in the over two years I’ve been here. I figured that out right away. I never experienced anything else so I don’t have those memories to look back on.

But I also know there is really nothing else like Medium. Where else can my fiction and humor get read in the era of social media? I can post one-liners on Twitter or short things on Facebook, but neither are really geared for creative writing. And they have both become almost unbearable to read.

I could post stories on a website or blog, but no one will read them there. Even if they do, they won’t respond. They are just a “pageview.” I can publish them on Amazon. Same result.

On Medium, I am pretty confident that at least a handful of people will read what I wrote. And a couple will respond. A handful of appreciative readers goes a long way with me. It is certainly is better than no readers.

If there was a Creative Writing Medium, I’d be there. Sadly, no one with Ev’s deep pockets is interested in starting one. So I make use of what is available.

I would be fine if the money went away here. In truth, writing is a hobby for me. I don’t see that as any lesser of an experience than if I was trying to make a career out of it. In fact, I would say it is an advantage. I don’t have to concern myself with writing for money.

Money ruins most things. How many people write on Twitter and Facebook daily with no thought of money? All of them. Sure, it’s mostly thoughts and rants, but they still spend a lot of time on it for no financial gain.

Once Medium opened the money box, it attracted those dreaming of making money from their writing. Then when they cut payments by 75% for most writers, it left a bitter taste in their mouths. How could it not?

I don’t blame anyone for leaving Medium. But I do miss certain writers who have. Medium is not ideal for creative writers. But I will stay as long as I still enjoy it (which is mainly due to the social aspect.) Or until something better comes along.


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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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