Streaming has taken over music. Why buy (or even pirate music) when you can have access to millions of songs for $10 a month, or free with commercials. I think now that books are in digital form also, they will follow the same route.

Subscription services like Kindle Unlimited will make buying books unnecessary. And subscription services like Medium will make magazines unnecessary. And you know who really pays for those bargains. The writers.

The Medium Partner Program is a fascinating experiment. It is unique that anyone can earn money from their creativity without jumping through a bunch of hoops first. I wish there was a “Medium” for music.

When creative content is given away or sold cheap, it reinforces the current perception that it has no real value. The creative life has always been difficult. And the rules are contantly changing. We have to find a way to survive if we want to stay creative. Perhaps write some things for pay. And some for creativity. I wish you well with the struggle, Jack. You are not alone.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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