Thank you, Sky. I am a hobbyist recorder. I mainly work “inside the box” or more accurately inside my laptop. I recorded my own jazz album completely using software. Guitar and bass amp simulators, keyboard software, and drum software. Since there were no vocals, I didn’t use microphones. Not using any microphones took the room out of the equation (except for listening.) I use Digital Performer for my DAW.

I am sorry if I implied you were being argumentative in your reply. I was referring to past experiences, not you.

I also think compression got its start with AM radio. I believe it had to do with the narrow broadcast frequencies they used and as a means to achieve a consistent volume level from song to song. A radio expert would know more than I do. I am relying on very distant memories (which could be faulty.) Of course music was mono before the 60s so compression was less noticeable.

I appreciate your informative replies.

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