The Getaway

For two years — or fourteen human years — Scruffy had lived with the Hansen family. When he showed up on their front porch curled up and sleeping, the Hanson’s couldn’t resist. Especially young Leah. She instantly fell in love with the cuddly ball of fur. When Scruffy licked Leah’s face, his dirty fur was a little rough. Which is how he earned his name — and a home.

As the years passed, Scruffy learned everything there was to know about the Hansons. It was his duty and his pleasure. He learned that Jakob was a good man who managed a large home furnishing business. He was too busy to give Scruffy much attention, but Scruffy didn’t mind. The children gave him plenty.

He also learned that Thea was an excellent cook who wrote a popular cooking blog in the evenings. She also made surprisingly good Chinese food. Thankfully, little Liam was happy to share some of his dinners with Scruffy.

And Leah loved to take him for walks. So Scruffy quickly became acquainted with the surrounding area.

One day, Scruffy was napping on the kitchen floor when he heard the signal. It was time. His work was completed. He memorized the coordinates of the pickup point and prepared to return to the ship, and eventually to his home planet.

Once back on Canine-7, he would be debriefed. He had learned a lot. Most importantly, they would have no problem infiltrating the humans homes and earning their trust. When the invasion came, the humans would never expect it. And the Woofies would have soldiers in nearly every home.

But before he left, Scruffy just had to have one more of Thea’s famous giant egg rolls. So he snatched one out of the refrigerator, snuck out the back door, and made his getaway.

Stock Photo Stories give you the real stories behind the photos. That I might have made up.

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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