The Little Known Story Of Ben Franklin’s Youth

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Benjamin Franklin’s older brother James started the first newspaper in Boston. Benjamin, who was 15 at the time, apprenticed under him.

James soon grew to resent Ben because he got a lot of attention for writing fake letters to his newspaper posing as an old woman. So James began beating Ben.

Ben didn’t appreciate being beaten so he ran away, which was illegal at the time.

In order to disguise himself for the getaway, Ben invented the mullet haircut and bi-focal glasses.

He fled to New York thinking if he could make it there, he could make it anywhere. He failed.

Ben eventually ended up in Philadelphia living with the Read family. One of the Read daughters, Deborah, pursued Ben for marriage. Ben considered himself too young for marriage and went to London to buy fonts and printing equipment instead.

Deborah married another fella while Ben was gone. Her new husband promptly ran away.

When Ben came back to the Colonies, he married Deborah. Seeing how she was free again after her first husband ran away (apparently, Deborah had a thing for runaways.)

Newly married and in need of money, Ben opened a print shop, a general store, and a bookstore. He did other stuff also as he got older. But older people aren’t very interesting so I won’t bore you with those stories.

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