The Town Of Appropriately Named People

It was my first day in town.

I was starting my new job the next morning, and I needed some new clothes.

I told my new boss, and he said, “Walk with me.”

So I went on a stroll with Mr. Walker to buy some clothes from Mr. Taylor.

At the store, I saw Mr. Price, and I realized I needed to see Mr. Banks at the credit union before I could buy what I needed.

I asked Mr. Turner for directions.

He said, “Go past Mrs. Weaver, around Mr. Corner, cross the street and look for Mrs. Meadows.

She is having lunch with Mr. Fields and Mr. Woods.

You might also run into Mr. Fisher, who is friends with Mr. Hunter.

Mrs. Meadows works with Mr. Ford, who has a car you can borrow.

Leave the car with Mr. Parker and go see Mr. Do.

He is usually in the salon talking to Mr. Barber.

Tell him Harry sent you.

He will give you directions from there.

You can’t miss it.”

Old bones. Young heart. Humor. Fiction. Poetry. Comics. Other Stories.

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