This is all great advice. There are alternatives to the gym. I hate gyms. Not for fear of judgement, but because I find exercising in them extremely boring. I don’t like using exrecise machines. My wife is a regular at the gym. I would rather go for a walk to get exercise. And we do. But while walking is good for you both physically and mentally, it doesn’t really give you a full body workout.

But I found an excersice app (Sworkit Fitness & Workout App) that has multiple exercise plans for all types of people from out of shape beginners to die-hard gym rats to older people. It runs you though a series of exercises (and streching and yoga) using videos with audio instruction. You can choose the plan that fits you and can change plans or even exercises whenever you like. It used to be free, but now they charge monthly or yearly. I was lucky to get grandfathered in for a year for one dollar. But it might be worth a look or a month-long try. It’s certainly better than paying for a gym and not going.

I am sure there are probably other similar apps. But this one works for me.

I really like the ability to wake up and then exercise (without machines) at home before showering. It is so convenient. It works for me. It could be an option for others.

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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