This was a great idea. I fear I am less widely read than most. As a child I was a “go outside and play” kid. I only read what I had to for school. I spent most of my free time outside or learning to playing guitar. While my brother was content to stay home and read Tolkien and always had a book in his hand. Although I probably read every Dr. Seuss book written. We had a Dr. Seuss book club membership and they came to our house in the mail.

As an adult, I basically only read magazines and rarely a novel. It wasn’t until I was in my 3os and 40s that I started actually reading books for enjoyment. And then I usually stuck to several favorite authors and a couple of genres (fantasy, biography, sci-fi.)

So I have tried to broaden my reading. Medium helps. I can read several styles/genres of writing without having to commit to a whole novel.

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