Your videos are heartwarming. I hope you are keeping your spirit up for the most part.

Our house is fairly clean. I don’t do well in messy or clutered environments, so I tidy up regularly for my own sanity. My wife, Lee, is working at home from the dining room table answering phones. It is open to the living room, which has an open doorway open to the “music room” (a converted carport), so I have to be quiet during work hours. No cranking out The Boys Are Back In Town on guitar.

I don’t get my daytime quiet time anymore either with her home because she is constantly answering the phone for the financial advisor business she works for. I have it memorized now: “[work name] This is Lee, how may I direct your call?” And between calls she wants to talk! LOL! So finding time to write and make music is more challenging.

I have done lots of yardwork these part few weeks. We go for walks almost every evening after dinner. We have a greenway (a paved pathway surrounded by nature) near our house that goes around a large pond. People are allowed to go out walking/running here, we just keep our distance.

About once a week we walk up to the grocery store. The stores here have almost everything except toilet paper (still!) And bread is usual only one or two choices.

We have it better than many people and are very thankful.

Take care, Juhi.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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