Zarina, thanks for sharing your musical background. I always find those fascinating. I agree, songwriting and poetry are close cousins but also unique. I can’t say too much though, as I am a raw beginner at poetry. I also agree with the rhythm of writing. It is especially important in humor, where some call it comedic timing. Even in fiction and non-fiction, sentences should flow. This is my greatest struggle in writing. I am continually trying to tame awkward phrases, and create a good “arrangement” of the story. Not always successfully. LOL!

Music is my first love. I bugged my parents until they bought me a guitar at age 12 and I have been obsessed with guitar ever since. I took lesons from a jazz guitarist as a teen in the 1970s. Although, he taught every style of music. I took a few years of piano lessons also. And I picked up bass about five years ago. I currently teach guitar for a living and play in a couple of bands.

When I write music, the rhythm and chord progression almost always comes first. The melody comes later. Maybe from the guitar being such an accompaniment instrument, that is more natural for me.

I also love to record music. I got one of the first cassette multi-track recorders back in the 80s and have been recording ever since. I use a computer now, of course. I recently completed a life goal of recording an album of original jazz songs. I did it all myself on my laptop. Modern technology is amazing.

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