Mark Starlin

One Minute Wit

Three Line Conversations

Brooke Cagle

“Check it out, Sweetie. Our roses are going to look great this year.”

“Are you serious? I can’t even see the house.”

“Hmm. Maybe I did over-order the mulch.”

Three Line Conversations were inspired by Haikus. I borrowed the form of three lines, but without the syllable counts. And dialog…



A real new wave

Baylee Gramling

Bethany started out as a pop singer.
Then she turned 20.
So she convinced her band to become an alternative band.
That effort fizzled out.
Then Bethany persuaded her band to switch to Americana.
Her Americana music career was a washout.
So Bethany decided to create a new genre. Ocean…



A Cat Tale


While other kittens were pouncing on balls of yarn or chasing each other around, Roscoe spent his time learning to play bass, sew costumes, and apply makeup.

Sure it was a sacrifice, but when he saw the ad in the New Cat Times looking for members to start a feline…