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Mark Starlin
Background image: Thomas Budach

Space Traveler Fargone started as stand-alone One Minute Wit stories (space logs.) Early this year, I decided to turn Space Traveler Fargone into a serial on Kindle Vella. Unfortunately, Vella has turned out to be a ghost town. So I am bringing Fargone back to Medium.

I have posted the first five episodes to get you started. I will be posting one per week going forward. This is a long-term project. Space is a big place!

The premise for this space sitcom.

Space Traveler Fargone was a typical space freighter pilot until he posted some entertaining space logs about his side trips on SpaceBook. The splogs…

Background image: Thomas Budach

I spent the next half-hour bashing out the text for my splog video. I didn’t like the idea of making videos. It seems like a lot of trouble. What’s wrong with written words? Nothing. But the boss wants a video, so a video is what he’ll get.

Cal Huckster had provided some music and an opening sequence for the videos. All I needed to do was enter the splog name and hit record. When I finished recording, I took my tablet to Em and showed her the video.

Space Log: Purpletonia

“Greetings, Earthlings. …

Background image: Thomas Budach

Em stood frozen with the glowing purple ball in her hand.

“What’s wrong?” Em asked.

“You need to be careful about touching things. That could be a life form.”


“Not all life looks like Earth life. And it’s glowing. It could be toxic.”

Em dropped the ball.

“And now you might have killed it,” I said.

“I did not. It is still glowing.”

“Alright. Just don’t pick anything up unless it looks safe.”

“And how am I supposed to know if something looks safe?”


“Right. Exactly how long are you planning to keep up this space mentor mansplaining…

Background image: Thomas Budach

After my stimulating conversation with Emma, I went to see my mechanic buddy in Hanger 10.

“Hey, Doug.”

“Hey, Fargone. I just heard about your new job. That’s epic.”

“Thanks. It was a shocker. But I am excited to get my own ship. Listen, I need a small favor.”

“Name it.”

“The marketing geniuses picked a horrible name for my ship, TGS Splogger. There is no way I am going to fly around the universe on a ship named Splogger. I want you to remove it and put a new name on it.”

“Easy. What did you have in mind?”

Background image: Thomas Budach

The next morning, I drove up to hanger 15 at the TGS Space Port. Hanger 15 is the big boss’s hanger, where they keep his private ship, The Hindenburg II.

Sure, the big boss’s name is Wilfred Hindenburg, but come on.

Today, hanger 15 housed my new ship.

Cal Huckster was waiting outside of the hanger wearing one of his patented fake smiles. Or maybe it was real. My splog was going to give TGS a lot of publicity, and Cal knew it.

“Fargone, so good to see you. Are you excited to see your new ship?”

“Like a teenager…

Background image: Thomas Budach

Six months ago, I was a grunt pilot on the space freighter Big Cargo Ship 3, flying freight for Titanic Galactic Shipping. After making a delivery on the planet Repetition 222, I had a few days off. I decided to visit the nearby planet Farismitron and stopped at a donut shop for a dozen.

I get peckish when I fly.

The donuts were killer, so I decided to post a space log about it on SpaceBook.

Splog Entry: Farismitron

If you ever go to the planet Farismitron, don’t eat the donuts.

If you do, you will no longer be satisfied…


Edmund Leighton • Public Domain

“Take this scarf. May it remind you of me as you travel.”

“I need no reminder other than my own heart. For it aches whenever we are apart.”

“God speed, my love. Return to me.”

“I shall.”

Sir Charles and the rest of the knights of Longview rode out of the castle. Their charge was to face the dragon of Mount Query. For decades the dragon bothered not the citizens of Longview other than the occasional sheep whisked away for a meal. But on this day, the dragon did the unthinkable. It snatched a young child from a field.


Quick Writing Tips

Vlada Karpovich

One of the things I like about Scrivener is it allows me to see the outline of my novel as I write it. By creating folders for chapters and documents for scenes, I can visually outline my novel before writing it.

Here is the outline column for my first novel, Baron Britpop Blastfurnace.

Mark Starlin

Old bones. Young heart. Uniquely arranged words.

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